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My name is Dennis Stubbs.

My name is Dennis Stubbs. I grew up and went to school in Anchorage Alaska. I was raised by my single mom along with my 3 brothers. My wife and I moved to Minnesota in 2011 to take over and operate a small construction company that had been established in the twin cities area. We now have 3 children, two of which are attending an Eden Prairie elementary school. Our third will be attending kindergarten fall of 2024.

My career has led me in the construction industry most of my life, but I also started an energy and logistics company in the oil fields of North Dakota 7 years ago. My experience with both jobs has helped me learn how to quickly adapt to change, problem solve with employees and create safe work environments to help my team members succeed. I may not be an educator or politician, but I know these are characteristics that will help me be an ideal school board member.

I have been a coach for my son’s flag football team for 3 years now and have enjoyed watching these kids grow up together. The comradery on the field is amazing! I also teach a Sunday school class for 3–5-year-olds and am a youth leader on Wednesday nights for the elementary aged kids at River Valley Church.